Tuesday, August 26, 2008

26 Aug 08 - Thomas


How is my Tom-Tom? Thanks for the letter. It sounds like you're having fun and doing well. Thanks much for writing me - it helps me do well here at BCT. You should see my uniform today - Kevler Helmet (ACH), body armor - very heavy - (IBA), elbow pads and knee pads , LBV (Load bearing best) and of course my M-16. We shot them today for the first time.

Take care of your little sister, Tom. She has 2 big brothers to take care of her - that is your job. I know it is kinda funny that she is afraid of such a little dog, but we all get afraid of certain thing.

And, would you like it if someone made fun of you for being afraid? Anyway, take care of you little sister.

Tom Tom, have fun in school and make lots of new friends. I hope you have some new frinds at church too. Keep writning me - I love you Tomahawk!

Love, Dad.