Thursday, August 21, 2008

21 Aug 08

Baby girl!

Well, it's been a busy last couple of days. really pooped out. I wrote your mom in pretty good detail about the land navagation and biovac trip (compass course and campout w/ m-16!) We didn't need our poncho to make a "hootch" - masically a tarp for one or two guys - your "battle buddy" as the term goes. Everyday we're up at 4am. We didn't hit the "rack" till 2400. Then we were up at 0430 today. But we walked several miles yesterday. Today we walked 4 mmiles in our full gear - minus the 3016 rucksack. the kevlar vests or IBA's have heavy ceremic plates. It is quite heavy. right now we're working on tactical movements - the wedge formation. We're doing it silent at first (that is what tactical means) and were practicing an ambush. It is pretty fun. But as Col. Jeffers said, "this is all fun for now, boys, until we start stopping bullets."

We did a lot of marching the last frew dys. By the way, we acted our night navagation. the Drills were constantly saying "Oh, you're all gonna get lost." we figured it out about half way thru the daytime exercise (we got it figured out when we got another compass guy). anyway, it was good training.

Tomorrow we do our 1st Army Fitness Physical Training Test. I expect to do very well. this is the 2 min/2 min /2 mile. they said I can widen my grip on the pushup. I think my 2 mile may get in 15 min range. Just depneds on how rested I am tomorrow. My sit ups should be in the 65 to 71 range. 75 is tops in both PU/SU, so that is good.

Hopefully I can get some good sleep tonight, so I can do well tomorrow on the PT test. Also, our "red phase" should be tying up at the end of this week - Fri or Sat. I think in general, the platoon is moving in the right direction.

Oh, the studen loan letter was sent. But they could only date it till the end of basic. I think we should fat it to Sgt. Baldwin, or Worthington, back in Chillicothe so he can put the full 3 year time frame on there, as it is only dated from 1 Aug to 3 Oct. this is the basic time frame. Can you call direct loans and explain it to them?

Well, I enjoyed the pictures ver much! you're looking great! I'll respond specifically to the other letterse soon. Love, Brent