Sunday, August 3, 2008

03 Aug 08


I hope all is well. I am doing just fine, much of the times it is enjoyable because we are leaving how to be a soldier. the hard part is dealing with the lazy attitude of the 18-21 yr olds. Everyone that is older is pretty much squared away. There are 2 older guys than me, but no other OCS guys. there are actually 3 other E-4 specialists like myself.

Short on time - I love you and the kids and of course miss you.

Please send a package of white tube socks. That would be nice. Everything else I can get here - I think! Some more stamps too! oh, please contact the ward down here in Lexington/Fort Knox Area. There seems to be a disconnect. I have to go to some band worship service today. It was either that or Catholic. and I figured if I must go to another church, I'd go have some fun! So, please contact the local ward, bishop, etc. to let them know I'm here and want to attend. They surley have a process for those members in basic.

Remember, Ft Knox, 1/46 infantry, Co Delta, 2nd Platoon. Then, just the address I sent to you. Write it as it is listed in that letter.

Love you!