Wednesday, August 20, 2008

20 Aug 08 - Lyn & Steve

Lyn & Steve

Thanks for the letter. It is always fun to get mail. Pretty much the highlight of the day!

Yes, getting to church is huge. It is only for 2 hours, but you really savor that time as it is your only time away from the drill sgts and the other guys. Plus, you get to meet others who have a lot in common with you. Out of my company of 200, there are only 3 members. But at church, they had to split the session into 2. I've met a few guys heading to Officer Candidate School. the one who I've gotten to know a little bit is Spc Andy XXXXX. He is from Sweet Home! What a coincidence of sorts, eh? He also does reenacting (infantry), but his wife made him go Yank! Somebody has to be a Blue Belly! I'll look forward to swapping more stories with him in the future. Hopefully we'll get to be able to accosicate at OCS in early October.

Well, we just got done doing Land Navagation - compas work, but army style. We learned a lot and got it towards the end (well, our group of 5 anyway). The whole compnay was split into groups of 5 - trompning around the woods looking for certain points. After it was complete we leoaded up in a big army truck and then sat down in the shade to eat our 1st MRE's (which are Meals Ready to Eat).

21 Aug 08

There were a lot of different kinds to choose from. I had tuna, vanilla pudding, toffee cookies, pretzels, tortillas. I had some cast off food from others - 2 cheese spread packets, paked beans, mashed potatoes, little here, little there. At any rate, I ate whatever I could!

Then, we learned the basics of BIOVAC (or military camping!) formations while camping, et al. Then we stood around in formation (at attention or parade rest, which is basically attention with hands behind one's back and feet spread should width) for like an hour. that is the worst part of basic! We had dinner brought to us and I got a hold of a bunch of fruit. The drill sgts were having fun throwing the apples and oranges about 30 yrds away at us. I ate a few more apples and oranges (well, 1 each and saved on for myself and gave about 10 apples and oranges away to thers in the company).

Later on, we did a night navigation course. this time, (unlike the day one where we were doing it for the first time), we got all the points! Then, about midnight, (mind you, we wake up at 4am daily!) we finally laid down. we slept on a physical training (PT) mat (which is what the kids sleep on at reenactments). I didn't even bother taking off my clothes. I did remove boots and my ACU top (army compat uniform) as it was pretty soaked.

So now it is thursday, I'm really fried for sleep. Please share this with Bethany and the kids.

Love, Brent

PS. then we marched back out about 1.5 miles and learned about IED's (which are improvised explosive devices). The enemy is more effectice with these tahn with bullets. Anyeay, it is Go-Go-Go - really tired right now.

PSS. Keep the letters coming! The envelops free of extra writing, like you have been doing, though :)