Monday, August 18, 2008

18 Aug 08


Howdy! I'm writning this letter late at night/early in AM - whatever your perspective. the Drill Sgt who was supervising the company overnight decided to be extra honery. As a company (all 4 platoons - about 200 people) there were people up after lights out 9:30 pm or 2130. They were taking showers and doing laundry. We were told in our platoon by our Drill Sgts, that as long as lights were out, we could do showers and laundry. so we're pretty confused. also tired now that losing an hour of sleep - so late in the sleep cycle - have to get up at 0400!

it was a good Sunday. Church was good. There was overlflow meeting space needed this weeek - so about 30 of us met outside for church. I gave the opening prayer - it was touhgh not to sob during it. the spirit in me was so present, as I poured out my heart on behalf of my brothers present - and others of course.

Came back to baracks and pretty much worked on art work all day for new platoon murals for some of the walls. One of the Drill Sgts, after seeing some inital sketches, which I didn't think were that hot, gave me special instructions to work on ideas all day long. And I came up with some pretty cool stuff. I asked him if he would do some research online. He said, No Problem. then, I gave him the list of what I needed ( it filled up a whole sheet like this) and he was like "What", party joking, partly serious. I think he'll get it. the drawings/murals will look pretty good when done. They'll blow away the o ther murals in the baracks. And I will have left a nice "pride mark" here. So, I'm getting use of that Art Degree. I'll make sure I get pictures of the murals when I'm done.

Which reminds me, there is an missionary couple at our services. This Sister will print off emails for the soldiers and hand them out weekly. So, you can, in addition to regular mail, since it is so fun to receive it and a BIG BOOST, also send me some emails via her. Her email is:
(see later post for correct email address)

and from there, she'll do the rest.

Before I forget - we get a brief visit to te PX today. I spent XXX on various items. XXX was still on my smart card - The XXXX they did an advance on pay back in basic processing. So, I'm not sure what the balance on my debit card is. Maybe, if possible, you could get that balance on my account up to XXX - that should cover the rest of the way out - I hope.

Oh, I coudln't purchase a watch here at basic. PLEASE sned a watch to me! It would allow me to be more effective in my time management. which is always a good thing that eases some stress. remember, non reflective (black/gray is a good color) stopwatch, indigo light, hopfully a watchband that is canvas. the plastic band would be the next best choice. and don't spend more than $20 on it. Oncie I get out of basic, I can access my pocket watch again. But please send the watch ASAP!

Already, we are a near 1/3 of the way done. Friday will makre the end of the initial phase - Red Phase. As for exercise, it isn't as bad as one might think. In fact, we don't run much at all. Except for jogging wherever going place to place. We march a lot - whenever moving as a platoon - and we stand a ton! It is the worst part of basic - stanind @ attention or parade rest. Which, by the way, has little "rest" involved! My feet are adjusting to standing around so long. Either that or they are now completely nerve dead!

As for Scouts, yes, a unit can really be as small as 2 with SE approval. but, if you could start it with 4-5, it would better. Just contact the coucil. Maybe you could mention it to the bishop that you'd like Tom to do Scouts in the church. and you know the guidelines and standards. If they have the boys/youth they should have the Units. And it sounds like they have plenty of manpower to make it work. Anyway, let me know if I can help.

Yep, transfer records - your parent's address is now our home address too. We had a brief class on absentee voting today. I plan to register soon - the Drill Sgts are supposed to be getting us info. Please check into me getting a drivers license in Oregon while way. I'll need to get a new one wanyway. Maybe I can do it over Christmas.

Well, I better move along - You're loving, devoted, and smitten husband - Brent

PS Please say "hi" to each of the kids for me!

PSS Please send that email for family, espically Fan so I can get sports updates!

PSSS I also need a picture of the 3 sisters from melakwa - can you send that along ASAP?