Tuesday, August 12, 2008

12 Aug 08

Babygirl and Kids

I hope all is well. I had a few minutes while I did some laundry. I also just got done doing guard duty. We did CLS or Combat Life Saving. I really enjoyed it. 90% of the soldiers that die, die in the field. If every soldier can do CLS, the figure the deal toll would drop to 75% mortalities. Pretty neat, he? we have 2 more days of this classroom practicals.

Well, the whole company got "smoked" which is a physical punishment of hard exercise. To have the entire company (all 4 platoons) 0f 200 or so get smokes at once - it was unusual. We were out there around 2 hours. They were hard workouts, but not a whole lot odfferent from football 2 a days. I did my best and got a great workout. this was top of the PT we had this AM - about a 2 mile jog/sprint.

The day starts at 0400. Pt @ 0500, bfast @ 0600. it is 2325 now - that is is a typical day. Very tiring. But good - I'm learning a lot. Of course, missing you all a lot. Missing my Joe Joe's b-day is not cool.

My face loos really thin, and fat is seemingly dropping around my stomach!

Oh, on the PT, (a big snad volleyball pit, if you will) I'm probably in the top 30-40 of the company of 200 when it comes to being in shape. Good for me - sad for these kids being out of shape!

On my watch (the one that you're going to buy and send ASAP!), a canvas or webbed wristband would be the best. Also, please make sure it is not a chrome watch. It is a "sniper" magnet. Again, nothing expensive - just $15-20 spot watch, backlight, dark watch and webbing wristband. Don't forget stamps and white tube socks as well.

well, my eyes won't stay open much longer. Must sleep! Please keep me in your prayers. You all are in mine! Feel free to scan this in and email it to thers, like my parents.

Love you - please pass around hugs for me and thanks to your parents - Brent