Tuesday, August 12, 2008

12-13 Aug 08

(on the back of the letter)

Pray for my body to stay healthy - my back is a bit tweaked right now.

Sweetie - the socks came today (aug 13) (those were expensive socks, but you know how I like my socks!) Tell Eme thanks for the picture. She does such a nice job. thank you so very much for the Sunday Notes. I felt the spirit teach me from your notes. I enjoyed both letters! - Keep 'em coming! I'm doing fine - just pooped out! It is tough, but I'm doing very well I think. at any rate, it is my best and Ill continue on till mission is accomplished. that is a part of the soldiers creed! Keep me in your thoughs and prayers. It makes all the difference.

Sweetie Pie

I had a spare moment so I thought I'd write a little note. Hoe did Joe Joe's 5th b-day go? I hope the b-day card made it in time. I'm sure everyone had a fune time.

I should be able to use the phone at OCS, but I woun't know till I get there. It is highly unlikely that I will get to use the cell phone here - or even make a phone call of any kind - at least for quite some time.

I keep forgetting to tell you, but the day prior to graduation is called family day. We'll get about 10 hours to hang out. And then, the next day is the graduation. so, that is Oct 2nd and 3rd. So start making flight plans and such. It would be great to hang out all day and just catch up. Of course, you'll want to secure a hotel and rental carj. Just google Ft Knox tracel, etc. In my next letter, I'll confirm the scheduled graduation date. Actually, I'll do it now......

Well, that is the date that is scheduled for now. If no one really screws up. Graduation will be a big deal. I hope you can be there.

I hope you got the letters I've sent - especially the ones with the SS cards. Please confirm when you have received them. I double packaged them in my only 2 envelopes. I coudln't get access to tape, so while neither is completely whole, there are no exposed rips. I think I had enough postage on it.

Speaking of Postage, After I send this letter to you, I only have 5 stamps left. so, I'd like to keep sending letters, but don't know when I'll be able to get to the PX. It is all dependent on the drill sargeants - well and how well our poatoon is doing. And the latter can't be counted on!

I just got done taking a CLS test - Combat Life Saver or 1st aid for soldiers right during/after a battle. I think I acted it, but I surely passed it. One must get 27/40 to meet the standard. Less than that, you have to tre-take it and can't leave basic till you pass!

As far as basic, it is tough due to the body stress. Lack of sleep is the culprit. A nap during the day is a no go! Other than that, physically, it isn't tough. It is not fun getting in trouble for the actions of self-centered lazy young men. But apparently, once out of theis "red phase" or 1st 3 weeks or so, the lazy and disrespectfuly individuals will start being punished individually until they straighten up or are botted to another company or maybe even eventually out of the army.

But, yeah, it's pretty tough. It is exacting. And many people don't like it. I have come to like that in the last few years. Reenacting was helpful for that! I've had to set aside my drive to be perfect and not take things personally when corrected so gruffly.

I was just informed that I got a 39/40! I changed the answer I originally had, but it was right! Oh well. That is still a good score!

Well, sweetie, I need to get going. But I'll do a few more comments:

Another few reminders -

* Please put no writing on the back of the letter, nor any stickers - as you were, on the envelope. stickers and cutsey no9tes are just great on the inside. On the outside, it translates to extra pushups or situps. I'm really fried now and don't need any extra! Please tell my parent (Dad put the address on the back of the letter last time and that is a no go). Spread the word - for my energy sake!

* Please contact Fan and see if he got my letter. I had to try and remember his address. It hasn't come back yet, but that doesn't mean he received it. He promised me cardinals updates weekly, as well as other sports he knows. I like. Please call him and make sure he has my address.

* Also, I need everyone's address - I only have yours, Dad and Mom, and Major Joe Madagan, (as he just sent me a card). Mom or Fan has the list of family mailing addresses and phone numbers.

* The uniform is cool, but is baggy. The pants are too big, but I think the next size down would be too small. Maybe I'll tailor these in the future. The blouse fits good though. I think the dress uniform will look sharp on me. You will see that on graduation. I'm not sure which one I'll get to wear on family day. We'll see. My face is dropping weight and the rest of my body - I'm cutting up!

* I'll see if I can get a disposable camera at the PX and then send it to you. But, I'll need bigger envelopes for that and I don't know if the PX has those.

* *I'm glad everyones is having fun together.

* Don't forget to get the boys registered in scouts.

Gotta run - Love and miss you too! Won't be long till we're all together again. Pass my love to the kids and your family! I love you!