Tuesday, August 26, 2008

26 Aug 08 - Jacob


It was so nice to get a letter from you! How are you liking Oregon and living at Grandma and Papa's house? I hope you are doing well. It sounds like you all are doing well.

Swimming up North fork (did you catch any crawdad's?), and the lake, and ATV'ing on the dunes with Papa, and hanging out with Aunt Sue, and such.

I hope you have some new friends at church. It won't be long and you'll be in school. Do your best and listen to your teachers instructions - all the time and you will do very well from the start, as you are a smart guy.

I hear you are waning to do football - that is awesome! it will help you be in good shape. It will be hard at times, but it will be mostly fun. I tell you, my practices in football in high school have helped me a great deal to be prepared for the army. Just remember - always keep your head up in the air when you tackle or block someone. The main way you do that is drop your butt down at the same time. and always go full speed - even if you're not sure where to go. Have fu nand play hard! I wish I was there to help you with it. Biship Mitchell was a good football player. ask him for some help.

You should see my unifor right now. Do you remember that Army Guy on my desk? That is how I pretty much look right now. The bullet - proof vest (well, maybe not totally bullet froof) the helmet, the LBV (load bearing vest), canteens & helmet (ACH - armor combat helmet) and of course, the ACU's (Army combat uniform) I also have on elbow and knee pads. we did our grouping work with the M-16 today. I got mine on the 1st time!

I hope you got my birthday card for you! Happy Birthday! Sorry I can't be there for it. I'm sure you'll have a good time!

Keep writing me a letter from time to time and let me know who you're doing. I do enjoy getting a letter from you.

Oh - please dont' make fun of your sister - especially when she's scared. You wouldn't like it if someone made fun of you when you were scared, would you?

Big brothers have to take are of little sisters - that is the job! And everyone always says when they see our picutre - ooohhh, I bet those brothers take care of her! So, do the best you can!

Keep having fun, do your best, say your prayers daily and read the scriptures daily, listen to Mom and all the other adults. Be kind to your brothers and sister. I love you very much! Take care, Love, Dad