Tuesday, August 26, 2008

26 Aug 08

Well, we got an early start today and loaded our rucksacks (actually last night) and were on a 5k march. It is a fast pace. I'm sitting here waiting for chow, and it is first rays of dawn so I can barley see. I got a lot of mail last night! Yea! It is always a treat.

Well, I just got back from chow. Got some left overs from some other gouys who didn't want it. If there is extra food when we do these "meals on wheels" as I like to call it, i'll eat it because you don't get a great deal of food.

It was so good to get the mail! I'll try to remember your questions.

Yes, I have had the watch for the past week or so. THANK YOU!

Tell Jake that I'm real excited that he is trying to play football. Just tell him to play hard and listen to his coaches. He'll be on the line for sure.

As for purchasing stuff here, I could - but they don't hardly let us go to the PX. But, I don't expect to have you send me anything of size.

Having said that last statement, can you send me this size of notepad? Just 1 would hold me well for now. I'll buy more when i can get to the PX in the next few weeks.

As for graduation and starte date - it is 02 Oct to 03 Oct. Family day (the day, you definitely want to be at as we can hang out for 10 hours) is oct 2nd. Graduation is on Oct 3rd. Hopefully I won't leave right way. I'll try to find out becuause I think OCS report date is Oct 8th. But set the date. I'm glad you have the funds set aside.

Great job on cutting more weight - WOW! An all time low for you! I can't wait to see how great you look! I'm really proud of you!

It is great to hear that you are walking as a family. that will be great for everyon'es health and build unity. And exercise for you!

Well, I can't remember anything else from your letters off hand, so I'll tell you my day so far. Up at 4 am (acutally just before because someone work me up early). It is now 11 am and we have already marched 5k with loaded pack, ate "meals on wheels' received firinig instructions and the qualified for group, no shots. I did my 5 for 5 on the 1st time! that's pretty cool, eh? Many of these guys didn't. we did this as a company. the M-16 has basically the same caliber as a .22, but a little more of a kick. Not too bad to fire at all. Basically, the girth of the rifle is the forward hand grip. it keeps you from getting burnt, as the rifle heats up quite a bit apparently.

Looking back at your letters for more responses.

Yes, family day is the 2nd of october. Look to get in the area early. You'll probably want to travel the 1st, get a hotel for about 3 nights or so. tell you what. Let me talk to the Drills about it and OCS - That is what it boils down to. but it is the 2nd for family day. Graduation ceremony on the 3rd.

Yes, got the stamps - all set for a while.

Dow't figure on sending anything else on your end. thanks for all you've sent!

I've heard from Fan - thanks.

Please send addresses of family, although if they don't write, I won't write, and Basic will be over soon.

BCT (Basic) started on 01 Aug and ends 03 Oct. Each Friday marks the beginning of the week for us techinaclly, so do the math on your end.

I'll tyr to get pictures sent to you of the finished murals. Maybe when you come the Drills will escort you in to take pics. I can send the sketches too.

Yeah, NBC was not fun. that tear gas chokes you and burns your eyes real bad. But you come out of it fast, really.

As for being up high on the Confidence Course, there were some large pads at the bottom, but yea, falling down would have really hurt! Not was bad as it may sound.

And it wasn't ninja stuff - it is mixed martial arts - much closer to wrestling.

I'm gonna try and register to vote too. I'm not sure about getting Oregon Plates - just let's play by ear.

Well, I think I answered everything - gotta go to bed. Oh, by the way, I did my 5 shot grouping on the 1st time. Probably only 25% of the company did that! I'll write more soon - we'll see you in about a month! Love, your devoted husband - Brent