Monday, August 25, 2008

25 Aug 08

Sweetie Pie

How are you doing? I hope you, kids and extended family are doing well. I sure missed your letters last week. I hope to get a letter or two from you tonight.

We're on the bus heading to a battalion photo. apparently, the last time this battalion was photographed was in WWI. We'll have near 1900 recruits, NCO's and Officers assembled. It will be pretty neat.

I've had to eat two meals out of the back of a truck today. that translates to minimal food. It is a good meal, but it often ends up being a fast meal with Drills yelling at you, more often. And I didn't even geat any fruit! I had 5 minutes to throw it down. I normally need to eat 3-4 fruits a meal if I can to have sufficient good energy to go about the day.

We wore our IBS (ceremic chest armor - very heavy and restrictive) for much of the day. Man, it really drained me! We started on qualifying on the M-16 today by initial training. we'll have a streneous next week or so from what I understand.

Actually, our captain told us after the photo that the last photo was taken in 1908! And this is the 1st time the battalion has been full up of companies since about 10 years ago. Pretty neat stuff, eh? Maybe in a few weeks you can google 1/46th infantry battalion and see if the photo is posted. I'm not sure if we'll get a chance to purchase it.

Love, your devoted husband, Brent