Friday, August 22, 2008

22 Aug 08

Babygirl -

We did our testing to end red phase today. Two sum ups - I did pretty good. the company did very poor and as a company we are still in red phase - oh well!

My push ups - I had 7-10 that didn't count. I only did 42. that is 62%. My sit ups were good - 62. That is like 83%. and my 2 mile was the real surprise - 14:56! that is also 85% or so! I still feel by the end of 9 weeks, I can max out PU to 75, sit ups to 76 and now my 2 mile to 14:15 or so. that would be a PT stud!

Then the tests I did very well in too. But, everyone as a whole did so poor, we're going to have to re-do today. Which is fine. And then there was a 2 hour or so smoke session in the Pit. I compare it to football 2 a days. those were tougher than this, so I'm ok with it. the only bad thing is getting mega dirty clothes!

We found out that our platoon did the best at land navigation - so that was cool! And my group of 5 completed our with time to spare.

By the way - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE WATCH! AWESOME! It is so nice to have it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! It is perfect for my needs in basic.

Did the stuff w/ Ron and the house tie up? Keep me posted on that.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing you on family day - 02 Oct 08. And then graduation on 03 Oct 08. I'm not sure if I shop directly to Benning on the 3rd or not. Maybe we can spend another evening together! Lets keep an ear to the ground. Remember, get Southwest for flexibility and start looking for hotesl. I'm looking forward to heading out to dinner, sitting down, and savoring the food. Right now, I have 5 mintues or so to shove down my meal - and try to aviold the drill sgts ire!

That is funny about Eme - Who is Fred Meyer? My cutie pie!

Married to the sounds cool. I'm glad you're networking there. That will be important.

Glad to hear nutrition plan is going well. I'm looking forward to doing mine again in OCS - or in branch training.

Loved the pics - keep 'em coming!

Tell my Jimmy that I'm missing him too! And of course the others. Is school gearing up?

I'm doing well, but I can't motivate these guys. I can inspire, but if someone doesn't want help - one cannot help! Oh well. I'll graduate from Basic - some of them may not.

Thanks for the standings. I only need the national leauge though. Don't care about the American Leauge. I finally got a letter from Fan. My first letter didn't make it.

Mummy III sounds cool - that is a definite buyer! I'll watch it when i get back.

Joe's cake was cool! I'm glad he is proud of me being in the army - give him a big hug and a "hooah!" from me!

I love that crawdaddy hole up by Mapelton. Wish I could have come.

Look forward to seeing the Passage to Zarahemla.

Sounlds like were leading the way with medals, but China has more Golds. Fan told me about the Olympics.

Has the paycheck come yet? Keep an eye on it. If not, get a hold of the office in Euege and have them check.

I can only visit the on base "ward". But I hope you got the letter about emails. Maybe that is why I didn't get mail the last 2 days!

Thanks again for the socks! They are very nice!

Prayer - I pray in formation all the time as I'm standing at attention or Parade rest all the time. It is the only thing of value to do during those times. But yea, prayed pretty good. Scripture study - tougher to do - I'll keep trying to do as much as possible.

Oh, I got a letter from Elder Oaks c0ngratulation me for my service. I'll save it for you (I'm saving all my letters - it will be a nice journal. Please save the ones I send you)

Keep the Atomic Kissis going with Jimmy - Tell him they are really from me, but that you are just giving him the ones I set aside to save for him while I am gone!

Yep, doing well - my body has adjusted. Keep up the prayers though. Still have 6 full weeks to go!

How is Scouts going? don't delay - now is the time to get going on it. Fi the church won't start a pack - get Tom in pack 777. Jake should be fine in 11 year olds, but make sure you track it. Our goal for him (expectation, I guess) is 1st class in one year. He should be able to do that by next year after summer camp.

Well, I need sleep. Gotta go. but, I'll put in a "card" for Jake's B-day. LOVE, your ever devoted and love struck husband. Brent