Saturday, September 6, 2008

6 Sept 08

We learned and fired the 203 Grenade launcher and the M182-AT4 (antitank) (normal infantry cary (36) 203Granades). Acutally, both were firing dummy rounds, but we got the idea. The 203 (just like in AA) is very similar to the experience in the game, except it is mounted on an M-16 for us. Good fun. And were getting paid for it! Of course, it is jub training, but it feels like a lot of fun at the moment. It reminds me of the quote from Col. Jeffers..."It's great fun now, boys, until we start stopping bullets." and as the author of the article noted, it made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. And while I didn't feel that way today, I surely looked around and realized that the majority of the nearly 200 will be engaged in combat soon. And surely, while there is much to learn and much discipline that needs improvement on most of these young men - you surely have to admire their pluck. We represent 1 out of 100 American men. Only 1% serve in the US Armed Foreces - and it makes me proud to know I'm counted with that group!

The BIOVAC went well. We slept on gravel with our PT mat. 1st time I've ever slept on gravle. It had rained the better part of the day yesterday. So i guess it was deemed that the dirt was just too muddy. But i got pretty good sleep. we didn't set up our "hooch" as there was nothing to bungee the ponch to. It misted most of the night. I stripped down to undershorts and stayed very warm in my sleeping bag. as our instructions said to do. My ACU's which were damp from cathing early rain and the day's exertion - I put them in my sleeping bag and the dampness was petty much gone - cool stuff!

Well, i'm out of paper and will stop for today likely. I do have a bit more paper I can use - we'll see. The time going well. we have 2 weeks much like today and then 1 week of FOB (short sleep) and then the last days of sept and early october to close up and clean up. I love you all so very much - your loving and devoted husband and father - Brent


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I had heard the 203 was fun to shoot. Glad the BRM went well.

Thanks again, Bethany, for setting this site up.