Thursday, September 4, 2008

4 Sept 08


Howdy! I hope all is well with you and kiddos. Are you hanging in there? things are not too rough at your parent's house, I hop. I think in many respects, you have the tougher "row to hoe". Hange in there - I have a deep, admiring respect of you, my queen! We are a great eternal partnership, and that only increases with time.

Well, sweetie, I just got through chow here at lunch and time on the BRM qualifying day. I made a go the first time!!! There are 3 levels (4 counting no-go): Marksman, Sharpshooter, and Expert. I was shooting well and thought I had Sharpshooter, but must have came up short. 23-28 is Marskman, 29-35 is Sharpshooter, and 36-40 is Expert. There was one guy in the compnay who hit 40-40!

So, I got a nice little medal for my dress class A uniform that wi'll be getting next week. Just a side note - The army just announced that in Winter 2010, there will be a new Class A uniform - back to the blue! And it will have a more Athletic cut to it instead of looking like a "civilian suit". I also heart all the services will have the same Class A. But I'm not sure about that. But there will be only one official A Uniform.

So qualifying was the last big hurdle to overcome to graduate. the only test left now is the AFPT, and I've already scored a 233. I'm looking to get over a 270 on the next one. That will get me the Presidential Fitness Award or something.

We have really only 2 more "standard" weeks of BCT. We have full week out at the FOB (forward operations base). To the time is clicking off. As the Drills say, BRM qualification is the pinacle. After that, it is a cruise to graduation and onto the "fun stuff" like shotting 50 cal and saws and seeing the AT4 - Tank killer.

I'm using all my extra time on the murlas. They look pretty good - all things considered. Hopefully you can take pics whne you get here. I have one logo copmlete, the "Army-discipline" mural about 1/3 of the way, and the american flag/branches murla drawn in, minus branch insignia. I hope you've sent the research by now, or otherwise I'm sutck. I also have fairly complete sketches for 2 more murals, but again, need research.