Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2 Sept 08

Sweetie Pie

I hope you're doing fine - I sure miss you and love you so very dearly! In the coming days it is going to get real busy. The days, as you noted, are slipping fast. There will be one week at the FOB (forward operations base - I believe) which will be a BIOVAC. I'm told we will get short sleep - much like we would in the field. It should be fun and challenging.

But that is a few weeks away. this week we qualify for BRM - the pinnacle of this training cycle, as our Drills have said. My rifle has been ID's as broken - it appears the tirgger spring is not engaging every time. Hence my issues. The company gunsmith was supposed to fix it today but he must still be enjoying Labor Day weekend. we got something of a break for Labor Day, by the way. It was much needed, combined with the break of Sunday and Monday.

Back to BRM. I believe once the rifle is fixed, I'll have no problems qualifying. But reguardless, keep me in your prayers that my eye sight picture will be clear, my grips and stock welds firm and my trigger squeeze smooth so that I will drop many targets. This is really the last large hurdle to overcome. The only other qualifier is the IV stick and of course the test. My AFPT score of 233 is well above Army Standard. As long as I stay healthy, all looks well.

The murals are coming along. I hope you have sent the research I have requested. I don't think I can count on DB because he just doesn't have the eye for it. and we are running out of time and he is stomped for time. I'll send the sketches to you when I can

I'll try to respond to your letters while I wait on the firing line today.

Jake in football - Awesome! how it pains me to know I can't see him in his first game, practices, etc. tell him to always go hard. as they taught us in high school, a mistake made at high speed is much better than being teneative about what you should do - where you should go. So always go hard, you will likely only run 10 yards or so anyway, so it isn't hard to go ard if you will it in your mind.

Also, keep your butt down and your head and shoulders elevated. this applies to your stance and when you go to tackle someone. Well, listen to your coaches, practice your stance and firing out at home for a few minutes each day and you'll do fine.

Tom in Flag Football 0 FUN! Again, I wishi I could see and be there to help. Enjoy it! It is really quite different from Real football - all in time. Have fun in Cub Scouts at pack 777. I doubt the ward will start it.

Eme in cheerleading - WOW! Have fun and cheer lots. I'm sure you'll have lots of friends and do well.

Neat to hear Solberg is spreading the word. And pretty cool you met the DE.

Sounds like you're gearing up to afford to be here. The cost is high, but I'm glad you're coming. Good job on your wordart. Outstanding! It will be goo to visit with you in person!

I'm sure you'll be used accordingly while there in the ward.

Yes, arrive on the 1st, get a hotel off base (you can't stay on base) and get a rental car. Then we'll hang out.

I do remember our time in nursery. That was probably my favorite calling in many ways. I guess it was because I got to serve with with you! But the children - they sure soaked up the gospel and reflected out the product - love. Particularly that of the Savior's love for us.

Yes, being at church on Sunday is such a blessing. I'd do near anything to get there. My feelings and sensitivities of the Spirit come back on line there. It is nothing liek a family ward, but it recharges the soul and allows us to feel the spirit. I also have met a few other guys who are going to OCS at the same time. So that is neat.

It is a long time to go without a hug, a kiss - just to see you and talk with you. It will be a nice visit. At least we'll be able to talk on the phone regularly and then I'll visit and Christmas (we'll have to pay for that, too - but we should get a military cut for that). And then you'll come out to the commissioning ceremony 0 and we can be with each other again! And then we should be able to go to our assignment and be together as a family. It will surely be sweet!

"Sacrifice bring for the the blessings of heaven..." we sang my favorite song at church Sunday. I lost it there. The sacrifice of being away from you all is sometimes very difficult. But I know that this sacrifice does bring forth the blessings from our father in Heaven. And I know that there are many blessings we don't recognize at this time.

That blog is a pretty neat idea. It will be easy for family to visit.

Hey, have you set up the other computers yet? In that way you can do things faster online. Also, I maybe able to have you send me the laptop for use at OCS. Not sure, something to think about.

I'm glad you all have fun at the airport. yea, I've been there. I didn't know you were afraid of airplanes! Anyway, glad you all had fun - even you!

Well, I'm not sure if you have sent that research, but please do! You can leave out the american flag, but please send the rest. I will need ti if I have any hope of completing the murals!

Babygirl, I love you more than my words can convey. And of course, each one of our children, too! I love and miss you. I look forward to my leave at Christmas. It will surley be good.

Take care - say hi to family and a "thanks" for allowing us to stay there! Love Brent