Sunday, September 7, 2008

07 Sept 08


Howdy - I hope all is wekk and you are safe and having fun. Before I get going with this letter, I'll say 2 thing.

I wouldn't hold my breath on a phone call from me. By all means, keep the phone on you, just in case, but the other platoons in our company - and even other companies who I've talked with at church - all have received additional phone calls. Our particular drills don't seem to have personal sympathies in this way. But you never know. Also, I wouldn't figure it to be more than 3 mintues. It won't be much longer and we'll talk in person! Having said that, I'm always prepared for a phone call, as I have my phone card at easy access.

BTW, Ft. Knox is known for being a tough, strict BCT site. So those other women who got calls on Labor Day probably had husbands/boyfriends who were at Ft. Jackson. It is known as "Relaxin' Jackson". It is an easy site to go for BCT because it is COED training. BTW, what does DH/DB stand for? "DH" to me is designated hitter. Anyway, just curious - I figured it had something to do with husbands and boyfriends (It's Dear Husband or Dear Boyfriend).

Second point, I hope hope hope by now you have found that research for me & sent it. I only have 2 - maybe 2 1/2 weeks of possible paint time. Wtih the week of BIOVAC - that will only be a matter of days prior to graduation. So here is what I need (as of this day - saturday night) I have not received it from you if it is coming.

*All the Army Branch Insignias - Just their design - likely be black and white.
*A wolf, (2) poses, (A) lying down - prone - mainly a front view if possible (B) a side or front standing pose
*A pit bull (A) frontal - running if possible (B) close up of head - frontal
*A bull dog (A) frontal - running if possible (B) Close up of head - frontal
*The 3 sisters mountains from Melakwa side.

By now, I got the rest in some way or another. Sounds like it may be tough to do unless you have put together the scanner/printer to your computer. I guess you cold just get the research done up and sent to Fredy's and done in the form of a photo. But please, so I can finish these murals, do the research. I am at a standstill on what I can do now.

I'm glad to hear that church goes smoothly for you now with all the adults around. I appreciate the talk recap - That is nice. Tell Aunt Sue thanks for getting the kids church bags. That's real nice.

Onto some points from your letter - Wh wait. I'll tell you the mural of me is looking pretty good. I'll probably enclose the sketch so you can get an idea. Basically it is life size of me flexing and then 4 PT vinegettes with the discipline quote to suggest that PT is a great aid to discipline - anyway, hopefully you'll see it in person. Now onto your letters.

Glad to hear weekly scripture study is going well. Maybe you can read a highlight verse daily before school and discuss for a minute or tow before everyone has to go.

Red Phase - Yes, we're in White phase now for the last week or so, but the only difference now is a bit more "student leadership" with a platoon guide, still 4 Squad Leaders and then 2 Team Leaders per each squad. I'm one of the Team Leaders. I don't have a ton of responsibility, so that's nice. Frees me up to do these murals on the little spare time I have. Other than that, White Phase isn't much diffeent than Red Phase in my view. And Bue Phase is basically the FOB week and gear turn into heading into graduation.

Glad to hear about the house - that is great news and a great relief! Keep me posted.

Pics of the plane and such were cool - I'm sorry it was so tough for you.

Wow - 149.6! Outstanding! Keep it up - You're almost at your goal. Use some of the $250 separation pay (acutally they gave us $275) to buy yourself some new clothes. You need and deserve it!

Too bad about my computer. PLEASE back up the memory somehow. If we have to - send it to fan so he can retrieve it. He can then part it out and eventually rebuild something with. Also we have that new DVD drive. Have you put the DVR drive on Jake's yet? But I really need it backed up - way too much family history to lose!

Yes, the emails came through - thank you much! I figure I'll have some saved up for next Sunday. today I painted murals as it was "battlecross" Sunday - no church services - only bands and such.

Glad to hear your trip is reserved - and less than what you though it was going to be. BTW, it appears we'll have 10 hours for a pretty fair radius of area. I know we can go to Elizabethtown and another one in the area, but I don't know yet. Apparently, you should have a letter from the battallion or company soon. Please let me know what it says. Also share it with my mom and dad and my brothers. I plan on spending almost all that Family Day with you. Well see how it all shakes out. Yes, I miss you terrible - Wow! It is tough! Amazing how much we take for granted in life, eh?!!!

I'm sure you'll have a calling soon. I know that's frustrating, but I'm sure you'll be official soon - in some capacity.

Not sure who the other counselor is, but I know Bro XXXX is basically Anti-Scouting. At least the way it is organized currently. He is so much smarter than the General Authorities and National BSA Leadership. Anyway, I woudln't bet on that. Pack 777 is way a ton of fun, and a much better experience for Tom. But, I wish the Pack would start up again. I'm sure there hasn't been one since I left Chinook/Wacoma!

tell Joe I'm glad he has a new bike and helmet. That is cool. Don't let Eme use training wheels too much. She'll remember quick how to ride. Just remember how to off set the wheels so they aren't flush on the ground. She can do it!

Sonds like the power supply wen on the computer from your description. yeah, just send it to fan when you can - when money frees up a bit.

Actually, I think the longest we've been apart is 2 weeks - and never with no phone contact.

Wow! you are doing great on your WordArt. I'm very proud of what you are doing - making a little bit of cash while having so much fun doing something you are so good at. Keep going, baby girl!

Poor little Jimmy. His is the saddest story of them all, I think. He just doesn't understand. How I wish I could just hug him and let him know it's ok and that I'm still around. Please show him pics of me and let him know I'll be there soon and that I'm still around. Give him Atomic Kisses. Sing him my 3 bedtime songs. I'll be able to talk to him soon.

Nice Labor Day qoute - and of course, good WordArt!

I love you more than I can say or write...And the kids too! Take care, my sweetie, your devoted and loving husband and father, Brent.