Tuesday, September 2, 2008

02 Sept 2008


I got 3 letters from you today and one from your mom. That was good! It sounds action packed. Much of this in your letters is duplicated in your emails.

Jake cannot play football without cleats. Please get him some ASAP. I can't run effectively on grass w/o cleats. I'm sure he is the same. Cheap ones from Walmart are just fine. You've probably already got them....

Tell Eme thanks for the pretty pictures. Tell her to keep it up.

I would think my calls will only come on a Saturday or Sunday. We're too busy elsewise.

I love the pictures. It was neat to see my big kid among those tiny bosy. Very neat. I like how Eme drew me with Camo! Very cute. I very much love looking at that pic of you with Joe and Jim in front of your folds house - black t-shirts. You look awesome!!! I can't wait to see you again. Wow - 150 - 202!!! Great job - keep going!

Again, absolutely confirmed, Oct 3rd is graduation, Family day is the 2nd. So, get here on the 1st that evening. You can get the room for the 1st and 2nd, checking out on the 3rd. Possibly we could be in the airpot at the same time! Well, get those tickes - make it happen (don't forget the rental car).

Please send me a pic of you! I'd like to see how you're looking. Also, send me one of Jake in his gear - maybe in action - Tom @ football or Scouts, Eme in her cheerleading gear. Also ,the two little boys. And on of them all!

Hang in there, sweetie ... we'll be together again as a family soon. There will be tough times and easy time. We're moving in the right direction!

By the way, I think how awesome you are each day! Say your prayers for help. Also, call on my dad - he'll be glad to help and listen.

Love you beyond words or storeis or any kind - your devoted husband and soldier - Brent