Wednesday, August 27, 2008

27 Aug 08


I hope you are all doing well. I wish I could hang out, but hey, I'm here to train to become a soldier...and that takes time.

Before I fortet, I have a large request. I should have asked for it last week, but I thought the Drill Sgt would have it for me by now. I need some research to finish some of the murals. Here is a list:

* An unfurled (flowing in the breeze) American flag. the field needs to be on the left and preferably it trails down to the right bottom. It should be "wavy".

*A picture of each main branch of the military insignia: IE - Aviation, Armor, Military Police, Artillery, ect. You can go to the army site for that if nothing else.

*A picture of a wolf - one laying down and one running.

*A picture of a pitbull dog - front view - one running & one standing like for a shot from a dog show.

*A picture of a bulldog - running, frontal

*A picture of a rottweiler - running

*Also on each of these species, if you can get one of them barring their teeth - that would be outstanding.

*And of course, the 3 sisters view from melakwa.

Well, that should complete the research for me to finish the murals. I'll send you the sketch work when I can. Again, hopefully you'll be able to see them in person. At minimum, bring the camera and I'll take pics of them. Thank you for doing that. I'm going to run out of time if I can't get cracking soon. If you can turn tail the same day you get this letter and pop it back to me, that would be outstanding! I won't have it for Sunday, but maybe I can start on Monday night if the mail gets here that fast. Just copy, paste and print, or I guess get 1 hour photos made if it's easier. Try not to get pics of black pitbulls or bulldogs. the rottweiler - you have no choice. the are black. But try to lighten the pic in order to get a good view of the anatomy. these need to be real pictures of these animals.

Sorry I have to ask you to do this, but to complete the task, I'm gonna need some outside help, as the Drills are too busy to do the research. they work 18 hour days - crazy stuff. I'm sure I'll have long days, but plenty of good time and flexibility from time to time as well.