Monday, August 25, 2008

25 Aug 08

Sweetie Pie

Howdy...I hope all is well! I'm doing pretty good here. I had a real nice time at church. since the congregation was split, the meetings were more enjoyable. You could hear the speakers! What is cool is the talks from a soldier's point of view. The parallels were many. there was a sergent who is here teaching a class who is in a branch presidency in California. He gave a talk on the things in history that took place to make this nation form, also, he demonstrated how Joseph & Lucy Mac came from revolutionary war heros. Just cool stuff!

One of the guys I met at church who is going to OCS same time as me is Andy XXXXX. They live in Sweet Home, and they do Reenacting too! His Wife and young boy. He is going to get your contact info to her so you two might be able to be of support to each other. Maybe even meet up in eugene and hang or something.

I was hoping to get an email or two from you today from the sister at church. Let me give you her email (which is slightly different than the one I gave you last week ...) - RE: SPC BRENT HARTY

It would be good to get an email or two from you on Sunday, but it is great to stand and get mail from the drill sgts! Please send is a real highlight and boost, even if a short letter.

Guess what...I'm doing art at basic! Who would have thought that! I have several murals I'm designing and wating for drill sgt to do some research for me. I'll keep you posted, but the 1st sergeant and captain even have seen my sketches and are impressed!

Well, it's late - gotta sleep. I look forward to hear from you. As always, your loving and ever faithful husband, Love Brent.

PS I Miss You!